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Join PowerToFly and Morgan Stanleys Cutting

Join PowerToFly and Morgan Stanleys CuttingHi its Katharine, CoFounder and President of PowerToFly. Ill be hosting a unique evening of networking and tech talks featuring Morgan Stanleys cutting-edge technologists on Thursday 10 October 2019. Want to join us? RSVP HEREThe night will include a tech talk on Why We Like Open Source and a panel discussion entitled The Tech of FinTech A Turning Point for Techies in Finance. Whether you are looking for a new role or just want to learn mora, we hope youll join us. Click HERE to register or visit Morgan Stanley on PowerToFly to learn more about the company including their open roles.**************************Bonjour, cest Katharine, co-fondatrice et prsidente de PowerToFly. Jorganiserai une soire unique de rseautage et de confrences techniques avec les technologues de pointe de Morgan Stanley le jeudi 10 octobre 2019.Envie de nous rejoindre? RSVPLa soire comprendra une confrence technique sur Pourquoi nous aimons lOpen Source et une table ro nde intitule La technik de la technologie financire un tournant pour les techniciens en finance. Que vous recherchiez un nouveau rle ou que vous souhaitiez simplement en savoir plus, nous esprons que vous vous joindrez nous.Cliquez ICI pour vous inscrire ou visitez Morgan Stanley sur PowerToFly pour en savoir plus sur la socit, y compris sur ses rles ouverts. One of the biggest challenges in almost all industries today is achieving gender parity. Gender diversity provides huge benefits in the workplace. pWhile some industries have made significant advancements in gender diversity, some industries lag further behind... and the construction industry is well-known for being in the latter category. If someone says, construction workers, youll likely picture a group of men in yellow hard hats analyzing an architects plans or laying bricks on top of a scaffold. And men at work signs only help to reinforce this i mage.pThis stereotype is rooted in reality. When was the last time you actually spotted a woman on a construction site? Or hired a female plumber or carpenter? Your answer is most likely never. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statisticsreports that only 3.4% of the total of 8.3 million construction employees are women.pBut the construction industry has a lot more to offer than steel-toed boots and hard hats, and it needs women to help advance the industry in this era of rapid change. Here are 5 reasons why women joining the workforce or looking to make a pivot should consider a career in construction.h21. Fuel Innovation/h2pNot only is diversity the socially and morally right thing to do, but it is also actually an excellent business strategy. pResearch presented in the Harvard Business Reviewshows that diverse teams develop more innovative ideas. This is further supported by a study conducted by Gallupon the performance of gender-diverse teams versus single-gender teams, which found t hat the difference in backgrounds and perspectives led to better business performance and problem-solving. h22. Capitalize on Demand/h2pThe construction industry is currently experiencing a labor shortage. The industry itself is booming and projected to be one of the fastest-growing industries, with total spending projected to exceed $1.45 trillion in 2023/a. However, most construction companies are unable to meet the rising demand. pAccording to the Associated General Contractors of America/a, more than 80% of contractors are experiencing difficulties filling hourly craft positions that represent the bulk of the construction workforce.pAnd demand isnt limited to individual contributor roles. Given the industry boom, there are a number of open stable and high-paying roles (any project managers out there?) waiting for the right candidateh23. Leadership Opportunities/h2pAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics/a, women compose only 7.7% of the total 1 million managerial positions i n given the highly collaborative nature of construction work, more women in leadership roles would help drive innovation and enhance productivity.Furthermore, as a woman in construction in a leadership position, youd have the unique opportunity to drive change for the industry and make it a more attractive option for other women.h24. High-Income Potential/h2pSalaries for many skilled positions in construction are on the rise, making a construction career a prime choice for women looking for a high-paying job,pThe 2018 Construction Craft Salary Surveyconducted by the National Center for Construction Education and Research revealed that salaries for many skilled craft areas are increasing. Project managers and project supervisors topped the list at $92,523 and $88,355, respectively. The next set of highest-paying jobs include those of combo welders ($71,067), instrumentation technicians ($70,080), pipe welders ($69,222), power line workers ($68,262) and industrial electricians ($67,269). Of the 32 categories of workers in the survey, 19 positions earned an average salary of $60,000 or higher.h25. Sense of accomplishment/h2p The construction industry can give employees a unique sense of achievement. Yes, the job is stressful and the work can be demanding, but nothing beats the feeling of being able to build something from the ground up. pHow many professionals in other industries can point at a school, a hospital, or a skyscraper and say I helped build that?pThe construction industry has a long way to go in combating gender bias and supporting women in the workforce, but given the current demand for workers, theres no better time to pick up a sledgehammer (figurative or literal) and smash the gender stereotypes plaguing the construction industry.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

5 Steps to get Back into the Work Mindset

5 Steps to get Back into the Work Mindset 5 Steps to get Back into the Work Mindset But no matter how comfortable we get, at some point we all have to go back to work. Even though you know your vacation days are numbered, the idea of returning back to your typical 9-to-5 routine can be daunting. Is there any way to soften the inevitable blow?Below are five steps you can take to get yourself back into the work mindset, post-holiday season1.RestYou may be thinking, but this is what Ive been doing this entire time, right? Well, yes, but you still need to rest up a little more before going back to work. Give yourself at least a day to relax, free of busy activities and functions. Prepare yourself for work the night before you actually return to the office-iron work clothes, gather your work materials and work bag, set your alarm, go to bed on time. Just as they say you dont want to go back to work the very next day after flying back home from out of town, you shouldnt return to work wi thout some time to fully relax and prepare the night before.2.Head startNow this may not sound appealing, but going into work a little early on your first day back can help jump-start your normal routine. Instead of dragging your feet out of bed and sluggishly returning to the office, going in earlier than normal will push you back into the familiar. This can also help you get a head start on your workload for the new year (or quarter).3.Follow upMany people go on vacation and leave behind unfinished work. Following up on emails, looking back at your past work history to landsee what you were working on before you left, and checking voice-mails and returning missed calls is a great way to get back into the swing of things.4.ReviewTake some time to review any goals for the new year, whether set by your employer, specific department, team or yourself. What do you hope to accomplish in 2013? What goals did you or your team set to wrap up 2012? Have you reached them? What steps do you n eed to take to fulfill each one? Reviewing your goals will help remind of you the necessary work you need to complete once your vacation has ended.5.ConverseDont forget to make time to mingle with your coworkers once you return to work. Ask them how they spent their vacation time and compare stories on how all of you willed yourself back to work. Not only will this help you easily transition back into the work environment as the sense of familiarity and comfort takes over from chatting with your colleagues, you can also discover new ways of preparing yourself to go back to work as you learn what did and did not work for the others on your team.A lot of Americans are considered workaholics, but almost every worker may find it difficult to return to the work functions and mindset after a vacation, especially an extended one completely unrelated to his or her job. There are many tricks and tips to get your mind focused and prepared to returning to work. Dont see one of the ways you get yourself back into the work mindset on this list? encourages you to share it below

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Early Release for Exceptionally Talented Army Personnel

Early Release for Exceptionally Talented Army PersonnelEarly Release for Exceptionally Talented Army PersonnelThe Army has established a program which allows enlisted members and officers to apply for early separation to participate in activities with recruiting and public affairs beneficial to the U.S. Army. As part of the Armys ongoing recruiting efforts and to enhance the Armys public affairs efforts, personnel meeting the eligibility criteria may request for excess leave or early separation under the provisions of this new program. Exceptional personnel with unique talents and abilities may be released from active duty when there is a strong expectation they will provide the Army with significant favorable media exposure likely to enhance national recruiting or public affairs efforts. Personnel will be expected to use their talents primarily within the United States in a manner that generates interest for service in the United States Army. There are two options under this program Excess Leave Personnel may apply for excess leave, after serving 24 months of the currently obligated period, not to exceed a period of 1 year, for the purpose of pursuing an activity with qualifikation recruiting or public affairs benefits for the Army. While in an excess leave status, personnel remain subject to recall and must maintain current contact information (e.g., e-mail, current address, phone number) with their commanding officer.Personnel is not entitled to pay and allowances while in an excess leave status. Personnel who incur a physical disability while in excess leave status are not entitled to receive disability retired pay.Personnel on excess leave for purposes described in this message must sign an agreement acknowledging that time served in excess leave will not be used to satisfy an existing Active Duty Service Obligation (ADSO) or other service obligation. In the veranstaltung the individual fails to achieve the desired benefit for the Department of the Arm y, he or she will immediately return to active duty no later than the termination date of excess leave. Early gestaffelte anordnung Personnel may request early separation if they have secured a contract or similar binding commitment that guarantees an opportunity to pursue an activity providing potential recruiting or public affairs benefit to the Army. In all cases, the contract must reflect the intent of the parties to employ the individual in a way that brings credit to the Department of the Army, and in a manner that would have potential recruiting or public affairs benefit for the Army. An early release shall be conditioned on the execution of a written agreement as follows To serve in good standing in the Selected Reserve as a Drilling Individual Mobilization Augmentee (DIMA) of the Army Reserve, assigned to the U.S. Army Accession Command, for a period of not less than two times the length of the individuals remaining service obligation.Officers subject to recoupment (und er the provisions of Title 10, United States Code, Section 2005) for receipt of advanced education assistance (United States Military Academy graduates and Reserve Officers Training Corps scholarship recipients) must reimburse the United States a pro-rata share of the cost of their advanced education assistance based on the period of unfulfilled active duty service. Soldiers in receipt of enlistment/reenlistment bonus are subject to recoupment based on the period of unfulfilled active duty enlistment obligation. Personnel must serve at least 24 months of their current period of active duty service obligation before becoming eligible for release from active duty or excess leave. The request must contain a specific proposal describing how the individuals talents will be used to benefit the Armys recruiting or public affairs efforts. Evaluation The chain of command, in evaluating the request will consider the needs of the Army, the quality of the individuals performance to date, t he strength of the individuals recruiting or public affairs potential. Personnel who demonstrate a strong potential to participate in a professional activity can be assigned to U.S. Army Accession Command unit in proximity to where the professional activity will be conducted for the two-year period of active duty. Personnel will conduct recruiting and public affairs activities to support the Army during this assignment. Individuals may participate in professional activity during thetwo-yearactive duty period, as long as the professional activity does not interfere with the service members military duties. Obligations In the event that the Solider is no longer under a contract or binding agreement with an activity, they will agree to continue to fulfill their obligation in the Selected Reserve for a period of not less than two times the length of their remaining ADSO assigned to any Selected Reserve billet as deemed appropriate by the U.S. Army. The Assistant Secretary of the Ar my (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) is the approval authority for all requests for excess leave and early separation from active duty under this program. The request for release from active duty must be submitted no later than 6 months from the expected date of the release from active duty.

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Creating Certainty in Uncertain Times

Creating Certainty in Uncertain TimesCreating Certainty in Uncertain TimesWe all like predictability because it makes life easier. From knowing the sun is going to rise in the morning to the regularly scheduled time of ur favorite show, the predictable elements of life give us a sense of calm. Its one less thing we have to worry about. On the flip side, uncertainty in our lives can be stressful. Not knowing whats around the corner often leads to fear. This fear can be psychologically paralyzing, particularly when it comes to the job search. The loss of a job or the experience of career transition is a big shock to the brain. The loss of your daily routine, commute, work space, and social contacts is nerve wracking. Your first buchen of business should be to restore these elements in your life as best you can and then start thinking about how to get yourself out there in a deliberate and focused way. Creating certainty in these uncertain economic times requires establishing structure, knowing yourself, and creating a plan.Establish a Simple Structure Your job is now getting a job, so you need to treat it that way. Take the time to create some basic guiderails to help keep you on track. Revisit the core elements of your former routine and consider which ones you can recreate. You may want to replace your commute to the office and morning planning with a drive to your local coffee shop where you read the paper and make your list of job search activities for the day. The idea is to get yourself into a structured routine to keep you active and productive. Its very easy to fall prey to having too much time on your hands and spiraling into the psychological trap of self-doubt and procrastination.Get to Know YourselfIt may sound a bit clich, but only you have the capacity to really know yourself. The challenge is actually making the time and committing the energy to do so. Famous psychologist Carl Jung once said, who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens. Crea ting certainty starts with developing a keen sense of who you are, what you need, and where you want to go. We all have our internal drivers that manifest themselves through our daily actions. Understanding those internal drives will help you harness the essence of who you are and direct that energy in a positive way. Take the time to ask yourself the following questions and be sure to articulate the answers in a way a stranger would understandWhat are my personal values or guiding principles?What are my intrinsic assets and natural strengths?What are my true passions?From recent graduates to corporate executives, everyone I have ever worked with struggled with answering these questions because they never took the time to really think about them. Consider this an opportunity to take a step back and engage in the kind of introspection that your hectic work schedule never allowed before.Create a YOU PlanJust as every NFL coach has a game plan for Sundays, you should have a you plan fo r your career. Nobody can predict the future, but you can certainly plan for it. Planning is the single greatest way to build certainty into an uncertain life, yet most of us dont spend enough time doing it. Ask yourself the following questionsWhat is my long-term career and life vision?What are the necessary interim accomplishments required to get there?What short and long-term goals do I need to set?What kind of time frame do I need to commit to?Once you have answered these questions, the next step is to put it in writing and commit to taking action. Draw a map, make a list, create a graph, or do whatever you are comfortable with. The idea is to have a destination and a basic roadmap for getting there. Make sure to put it in a prominent place where you can check it every day. Having a plan to fall back on as a reference point is a great way to restore a sense of certainty when the anxiety of uncertainty starts creeping up.

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How to Land a Job in BigLaw

How to Land a Job in BigLawHow to Land a Job in BigLawLaw school applicants often face the choice between attending a higher ranked law school at full tuition and attending a lower ranked law school with a partial scholarship. Although it may seem like only a choice between tuitions, choosing the right law school may be even more important than OLs realize.According to research by FindTheBest, a research company that aggregates data and draws conclusions based on that data, law school rankings matter tremendously and a spot in a top 14 school is essential. FindTheBest noted that T14 schools, as ranked by U.S. News World Report, claim the best employment rates and T14 graduates are heavily recruited to the largest, fruchtwein desirableread highest payinglaw firms.Although the results of this study are somewhat general and certainly unsurprisingjust ask anyone who has been through OCI recentlyprospective law students should seriously consider the impact the law school they attend will have on their future careers and dreams of the $160,000 BigLaw starting salary.Vaults data confirms FindTheBests results that those vying for a BigLaw job should attend a T14 school. Associates from Vaults Top 100, the most prestigious law firms in the United States as ranked by nearly 17,000 associates from over 150 large and mid-sized law firms, attended primarily T14 schools.The 14 most common law schools attended by Vault 100 associates include all of U.S. News T14 schools except Yale Law School, Stanford Law School and Cornell Law School. The schools outside of T14 are Fordham University School of Law (ranked No. 36), The George Washington University Law School (ranked No. 20) and The University of Texas School of Law (ranked No. 15). Although not T14, those schools are still highly ranked and located in strong legal marketsNew York City, Washington, DC and Texas, respectively. Additionally, schools like Fordham may have longstanding connections with BigLaw firms that other lo wer ranked schools do not. According to a Chadbourne Parke associate, The firm generally recruits from top 14 law schools and also maintains a strong relationship with Fordham, which is one of the New York City areas top law schools outside the top 14.Associates from Vault 100 firms go on to confirm that those seeking a job in BigLaw better have the law school pedigree. When asked what factors mattered most when hiring new attorneys, Vault 100 associates emphasized that while fit was important, attending a highly ranked law school and earning excellent grades were required to even warrant a response email from H.R.One Jenner Block associate put it bluntly, Law school is by far the most important criterion. If you are not at one of the top 10 schools, you have very little shot of being hired. For firms that are willing to look beyond the T14, a Mayer Brown associate noted, In addition to the typical top 10 schools, the firm is eager to hire people at the very, very top of their gra duating classes from lower-ranked schools. In my class were individuals from the top 1 percent of the University of Indiana, University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois and University of Iowa. Students at T14 schools are given a break on their grades that students at non-T14 schools are not. Someone from a top-10 school could have a lower G.P.A., says a Nixon Peabody associate.Prospective law students considering a non-T14 school because they received a scholarship may think they can breeze to the top of their classes because they are more qualifiedhence the scholarshipand smarterafter all they had a 4.0 in college. However, they should remember that, even at lower ranked schools, all admitted students are smart and likely had killer undergraduate G.P.A.s, the competition for the top 5 percent of the class will be fierce. Additionally, scholarships are often used by lower ranked schools to lure students into accepting offers to keep the schools admission rates high and are often conditional upon law school performance. The law school may give a small scholarship to 50 percent of incoming 1Ls and condition it upon remaining in the top 20 percent, meaning that more than half of those eager bright students will lose their scholarship and be stuck at the lower ranked school paying full tuition. So even if law students pick the lower ranked school to save money, they might end up being forced to pay the full cost of tuition and then will be less likely to land a BigLaw job that will enable them to easily pay off their loans. Additionally, because many large law firms dont even participate at OCI at lower ranked schools, even mediocre students at T14 schools have a better shot at BigLaw than top-ranked students at lower ranked schools.The bottom line is thisrankings for law schools are important and potentially career making (or breaking). Prospective law students fortunate enough to gain admission to a T14 school should take it.Thank you Vera Djordjevich for cr eating the table Follow Vault on TwitterVAULTLAW, InstagramVaultCareersandFacebookREAD MOREWhy Law School Rankings Matter More Than Any Other EducationRankings (Forbes)On universittsgelnde Interview StyleSimplifiedWhat One Firm Looks For in Summer AssociatesWhich Law School do Firms Love Best

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How to land jobs at startups during any point in your career

How to land jobs at startups during any point in your careerHow to land jobs at startups during any point in your careerAdam Csillag and Roberto Lago were employees number one and two at Incentive Technology Group, otherwise known as ITG, a startup government consulting firm launched a decade ago. These days the company has a staff list containing about 350 employees. Csillag, the director of contracts and business development, and Lago, the managing consultant, have watched the company expand and flourish over the last nine and a half years, a thrilling experience, according toCsillag.Csillag and Lago landed their positions at a brand new startup and were responsible for hiring more than half of ITGs current employees, so they know how to land jobs at startups, what hiring managers are looking for in a candidate, and why a young professional should choose a position with a startup company.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivi ty, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreHow to land jobs at a startupNetworking. Networking is the top tool for landing a job in any industry, and the startup biz is no different. Csillag landed his job at ITG through networking and has stayed and grown with the company, showing that you never know what one connection can do for your career.Job fairs. ITG hires lots of its talent through local universities. Lagos advice to job fair attendees is to be polite and prepared. The most important thing to remember is to remain humble while selling yourself a job fair is elend the time for an ego trip. If youre 20 years old and youre pretending to know more than me when Ive been in the industry for over 20 years, its an immediate red flag, Lago said.Submit resume to an zugnglich job site. If networking and job fairs arent how you shine, Lago recommends looking for jobs at startups the old fashioned way online. Startups wont be doing much hiring from within, which means that most job ope nings will be posted on a companys website or LinkedIn. Thats probably not what people want to hear because it almost seems like you have better odds playing the lottery than with these job sites, but its how I got hired and its how we hire most of our employees, Lago said. Remember, ITG now has about 350 employees, so thats a lot of people who landed a job through a job site.Heres Csillag and Lagos quick and dirty advice to submitting a resume for jobs at startups that will impress a potential employer-Spend time to eliminate any and all grammatical errors.-Dont use an outdated format. Make it something interesting to read.-Dont go on for multiple pages if youre only a few years out of college.-Highlight your passion, versatility, and creativity.The cold email. While the cold email wasnt a tactic candidates ever used to reach them, Csillag admits that thats probably due to the nature of their work. In the beginning, ITG would mostly reach out to candidates that they were interested in. Since startups are smaller teams, its more possible that a candidate will get a reply from a boss compared to if they reached out to the head of a several-thousand person company. With this approach, be polite, be patient and be interested.Traits hiring managers look for when filling jobs at startupsVersatility. Startups, especially smaller startups, are limited when it comes to having certain people dedicated to certain jobs. Hiring managers will be drawn to candidates who display the ability to shift from role to role and task to task without too many questions or any complaints.Passion. Startup companies are usually born as a way to disrupt an industry and change how things are done. Not only does this take a lot of hard work, but also a lot of passion. Its a general rule of thumb that a passionate candidate is the best person for the job, but this is especially important at a startup company, where an individuals efforts affect the company even more. Hiring managers will gi ve candidates more attention if their resume, cover letter, and interview reflect the innovative mentality that is required to influence an entire industry. Lago encourages candidates to include extracurricular and side passions on your resume.Patience. Candidates applying to jobs at startups need to keep in mind that the hiring process might not move as fast as it would at a larger, more established company. Many companies have Human Resource representatives to find potential employees and tischset up interviews. At startups, employees will most likely be doing the hiring on top of their everyday responsibilities.What you should look for when applying to jobs at startupsAccording to Csillag, candidates should critique a company on a number of factors, but the quality that should receive the most weight is a companys values.Thats exactly why Roberto and I are still here, Csillag said. It makes a world of difference.When it comes to values, its important to look at each aspect of the company, from moral and cultural values to strategic and business ones.Why candidates should consider getting jobs at startupsStartup companies cant offer extravagant salaries, perks, or travel opportunities right off the bat, according to Csillag.What we can offer is a huge sense of accomplishment, a core set of values that permeates across the company, and the chance to be a part of something really cool,Csillag said.According to Csillag, aligning values can be a huge motivating factor and make jobs at startups really enjoyable.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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New Step by Step Roadmap for Resume past Tense

New Step by Step Roadmap for Resume past Tense Details of Resume past Tense For this reason, you would like to make sure your resume will help you distinguish yourself among the rest of the applicants as an excellent fit for the position by tailoring the information that you include to your audience and to the position description. We are here in order to answer your unique questions. Resumes never ought to be written in third individual. Ive been writing resumes for approximately ten decades. If youre not sure which words to use, find keywords in the work description. If your language is the very same as everyone elses, it is going to be difficult for you to stand out. Just like any subject in English grammar, its simplest to get started with regular verbs. There are two kinds of past straightforward verbs. Its a business negotiation. Deciding on the correct tense is important once youre beginning to compose a resume and apply to jobs. Hiring managers wish to get to kn ow you as an individual. When a recruiter reviews your resume, we would like to realize that you will take action if youre hired for the job. Keep in mind, the resume is an outstanding method to demonstrate the employer or recruiter how hard youre prepared to do the job. Employers and recruiters are extremely busy people and expect to read a specific amount of content based on the kind of job they are hiring for. The Ugly Side of Resume past Tense In case youre totenstill somewhat confused about the previous tense, here are a few rules it is possible to follow in order to be certain that youre using it in a proper way. A new resume call may arrive in while youre still on the line with the very first, which means you must greet the new caller and switch back. Theyre prepared for down load, if you like and would like to take that, just click save badge on the webpage, and it is going to be instantly saved to your house computer. Classic resumes no longer must include your fax or house number, and a few different things have gotten redundant. Youre going to be applying to US based companies and therefore dont neglect to bring this line. Youve got to recognize the kind of the keyword the provider uses in the work ad and optimize your resume accordingly. Nowadays you have the ability to choose from a real top list The Ultimate Resume past Tense Trick The solution is that even if its an accomplishment that youre repeating, its still an accomplishment and in past tense. You may be surprised at the mistakes you find. Its simple to missany mistake. One of the most typical mistakes on resumes is the misuse of the term lead. The Resume past Tense Chronicles Knowing when to highlight an individu education vs. experience is critical. While filling out your work experience, you must remember that youre required to present accurate information as to what youve done before and what it is you are currently doing. You wont get such an advice here. Until the n, you dont have to mention. Life After Resume past Tense If your state isnt allowed the website will keep you from registering automatically. The only means to determine which search terms the recruiter is very likely to put in their ATS is to read the work description closely. If youve discovered this webpage, then you likely wish to learn more about the essence of the previous tense. On the flip side, present tense is the thing to do for responsibilities which are still part of your present job. Likewise, the past tense is critical for the custom of telling stories about cultural heroes, which was clearly the function of the first known types of literature, like the epic poem. The past tense is an easy manner of talking about any action that occurred before. The present tense is utilized to express anything thats happening now or occurring in the current moment. Type of Resume past Tense Lets look at some examples. It isnt difficult to imagine how the previous tense ma y have been among the earliest grammatical constructions to emerge during the language formation procedure. Even though you ought to be consistent throughout your application or resume, all past work experiences ought to be mentioned in the previous tense and all present work ought to be in the current tense. So lets examine some approaches to compose aggressive, up-to-the-minute resumes that actually SELL you.